Medplus welcomes back Dr Chen as our local Skin Cancer Doctor

December 5, 2022

Medplus welcomes back Dr Chen - as our local Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr Chen has been with Medplus for the last 7 years as a GP, having looked after a large number of our patients with care and professionalism. During that time, he has upskilled in the area of skin cancer and is currently now working full-time as a specialist Skin Cancer Doctor. He consults at Medplus on Mondays providing a full range of services: skin checks, ‘mole mapping’ and surgical treatment. He specialises incomprehensive skin checks from head to toe using the dermatoscope (skinmagnifier) with cancers diagnosed as small as 1.1mm! Suspicious lesions can be monitored with state-of-the-art ‘mole mapping’ software.

Skin checks are $150 and spot checks are $75.

Dr Chen is an experienced and accredited skin cancer doctor with a Master's degree in Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland and full accreditation from the New Zealand Skin Cancer Doctors Society.

Dr Chen is a proud Kiwi, having lived in Auckland for 27 years, and is a graduate of the University of Auckland School of Medicine. He has performed thousands of skin surgeries including flaps and grafts with advanced surgical accreditation by the Waitemata District Health Board.

Outside of work, he runs the Certificate of Dermatoscopy course and is also a Director of Skin Cancer Symposiums. Skin Cancer Symposiums has taught dermatoscopy (the science of skin cancer detection) to thousands of GPs, surgeons and nurses through courses in Oxford, London, Melbourne and Auckland. He is passionate about the early detection of skin cancer, and strives to help his patients feel relaxed and reassured throughout the process.

He currently lives in Hauraki with his wife and son.

Dr Chen is an Affiliated Provider for Southern Cross, a NIB First Choice provider and has specialist recognition with all major insurers.



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