General Practice

Your clinician understands and cares. Your clinician has gone through extensive medical training and has significant experience enabling them to help you and your family with physical and emotional difficulties.

At Medplus we offer an extensive range of health care services to our patients. We pride ourselves on offering friendly, appropriate and respectful care to all, regardless of age, gender culture or sexual orientation.

Services are provided by appointment during the week at either our main Medplus Lake Road Branch at Hauraki Corner, or at our Medplus Devonport Branch in Anne Street. Our Medplus Lake Road's opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. On Saturdays there is an urgent clinic from 9am to 12 noon. In Devonport we are open from 8am to 5pm on weekdays, but currently closing at 12pm on Thursdays due to staffing shortages.

All our weekday consultations are by appointment, which can be booked ahead on the Health 365 Patient Portal or at reception. We do reserve appointments for those requiring a same day appointment - these can be booked via reception and all same day appointments will be first triaged over the phone by a GP or a nurse. This means we can ensure those that need appointments on the day are looked after by the most suitable person, and in an appropriate time frame

Choose a regular doctor or nurse practitioner and try to use them at the majority of your visits. At Medplus we strongly believe that continuity of care is very important, and our clinicians prefer to get to know their patients well in order to look after them better. You are able to change your registered clinician, just ask our reception team.

Please contact reception if you wish to enrol with our practice.

Please call reception to enrol with our practice

Women's Health

From a recent survey, 18% of all women in the US do not have a regular, personal doctor.


The US Preventive Service Task Force recommends that all women between 50-74 get a mammogram every other year.


The average age of cervical cancer diagnosis is 50, but it is most often diagnosed in women between the ages of 35-44.

Everything you need to know

Make sure you book an appropriate length of time. Our appointments are 15 minutes and that includes the doctor's note keeping time too. If you have more than one issue, please always prioritise and tell us the most important one first. Have realistic expectations - usually only one issue can be addressed in a single consultation.  For women, a smear takes a full 15 minutes, so please book a double appointment if you have other things to discuss. For minor surgery, driving and other medicals, or travel medicine please speak to our receptionist about booking an appropriate time. If you are over 40 years old, your first appointment needs 30 minutes and will be a new patient charge of $100 (CSC $39).

Do remember to cancel appointments you cannot keep. We ask that you give us at least 2 hours' notice so that there is an opportunity for the appointment to be taken by someone else. We do charge a fee for missed appointments. We now send a text to remind you of your appointment the day before.

Make your appointments online via our portal (open 24/7) or call our friendly receptionists for assistance. At weekends no appointment is needed, but be aware that weekends are busy and really are most appropriate for urgent problems. There is also a weekend surcharge for ALL age groups in the weekend.

Sometimes new health complaints can take several appointments to get under control, allowing time for investigation and follow up. You may be asked to come back for a review.

Please double check you know whether you are being seen at Medplus Lake Road or Medplus Devonport so you attend the right clinic at your appointment time.

To ensure that we have sufficient appointments for urgent problems on the day, we operate a triaging system to manage this. If you want an appointment on the day you will receive a phone call from our Triage Doctor or Nurse to find out your needs and get you booked in at an appropriate time. Please make sure you answer your phone when we call you back.

Whilst we endeavor to run on time we are often thwarted by the unpredictable nature of our business. If we ever do keep you waiting, we apologise for the inconvenience. One of the commonest reasons for us to run late is because of a late arrival earlier on, so please help us stick to time and arrive in time for your appointment.

Book ahead so you can get the doctor of your choice for routine appointments; some of our established doctors fill up in advance. When you need to be seen in an emergency or out of hours it may not be your normal doctor.

Remember your appointment is for one person. If you need to discuss a second person, please make 2 appointments.

Repeat prescription requests, email enquiries or online portal messages have a standard 2 business day turnaround time. If you need your prescription or a response to your enquiry quicker than this, we recommend you contact the clinic by phone and speak to one of our team.

Payment is expected at the time of appointment; we do not offer credit. If you do not pay your account within 5 days of the appointment, you will receive a $10 late payment fee.

Video Consultations

We manage our video consults via the website
Firstly choose the correct browser. On iphone, you need to use Safari. On Android, you need to use Chrome. On Windows and Mac, you can use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

When on the correct browser please go to :

You need to enter your details without spaces FIRSTNAMESURNAME and DOB. Then allow CAMERA and AUDIO access. You  will then enter a virtual waiting room. Please wait until your doctor meets you. Be aware that the doctor may be running late, just as they do for face to face consults. Do not worry, if there is a problem with finding you in the virtual waiting room the doctor will try phoning you.
Please note all video appointments must be prepaid.


Regardless of lockdown level, Medplus remains open for patient care, but the delivery of services changes depending on the guidelines we receive which reflect the current situation in our community.

Our policy follows the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners' guidelines for managing COVID. We freely admit that this makes things much harder for us to operate but are prepared to deal with this inconvenience to make sure that anyone coming to Medplus is safe and that we keep all our staff safe.  We are very careful in order to protect those most vulnerable to COVID, those who are extremes of age, those with multiple health issues and those who are immunocompromised. We will always give information about how we are working at levels in our latest news on the website and via our newsletter.

More about Coronavirus

Accident Care

Medplus can help you with all minor traumas from cuts and grazes, burns and scalds through to sprains and fractures. Our team can stabilise patients with major trauma and arrange transfer to hospital.

Visit the ACC website for more information.For an ACC appointment please book ahead either on the portal or at reception.

For same day appointments please phone reception - if you say it is for an accident you will bypass the need for a GP Phone Triage Call.

Please remember ACC only provide full funding for children under 14 years of age.  For everyone else, there will be a surcharge to pay for accident or injury treatment.


If you need a medical for driving, diving, insurance , travel, employment, school or adoption please ask the friendly receptionist team. Depending on the complexity of the medical required you may need additional time and time with the nurse, so it is not possible to book these via the portal.

Please ask about the prices for medicals when you book at reception. These are not subsidised and are more expensive than standard appointments.  If you have been given specific forms please bring them with you.

Sexual Health & Wellness

Whether you are wanting to conceive, need care in pregnancy or are wanting contraception we can help you at Medplus.

With an on site midwife we are happy to guide you in the early stages of pregnancy, or help you access fertility treatments if you are needing them.

Our team are well versed in safely prescribing a full range of contraception. Dr Jean Lim is able to insert IUDs, Mirena, and Jadelle. We also offer screening, treatment and education regarding sexually transmitted disease.

Skin Cancers

Medplus has its own very well equipped minor surgery theatre, so we can provide a range of services in house.  All our GPs are trained in detection of skin cancers, although Dr Jean Lim has a special interest.  She can do minor skin cancer surgery at Medplus.

The rates of skin cancer in New Zealand are dramatically higher than other countries, because of the nature of our sun light. Whilst GPs in Europe rarely see skin cancers, they are seen routinely in general practice here. All our doctors are trained to pick up and manage skin cancers and can refer to specialists where required.

In addition, we have an onsite Skin Cancer Specialist doing skin checks and excisions.

Nurse Clinics

Our practice nurses are trained in health education, children's health and immunisation schedules, the prevention and management of long term health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other respiratory conditions They can also provide monitoring and management for weight programmes, smoking cessation, and warfarin.

The nurses can perform procedures such as cervical smear taking, wound management and suturing, IV management, ECGs, spirometry, tympanograms and liquid nitrogen application. The nurses can treat simple urinary tract infections in women and can manage sore throats (including throat swabbing for streptococcal sore throats) in any age group. Our nurses also assist with triaging unwell patients at weekends.

Well Person Checks

Medplus offers a professional well person check for both men and women. This is a thorough review for those who are well and want to make sure they are proactive about staying that way. The cost is $225, which includes half an hour with a GP, 15 minutes with a nurse, and an ECG (a heart trace).

Please download the appropriate form and complete it prior to booking via reception. Your clinician will organise for you to do blood tests before the appointment.

Well Woman QuestionanaireWell Man Questionanaire

Allied Services

Medplus is in the same building as:

  • Medplus Prescription & pharmacy services

  • Physiotherapy

  • Auckland Radiology Group

  • Psychology - Frank Hayes Psychologist

For specialists interested in providing services from Medplus, please contact us.

Specialist Services

Medplus works closely with specialists for ease of access for our patients. The following specialists all visit Medplus regularly

  • Paediatrics
  • Snip Vasectomy
  • Skin Cancer Checks and Removal
  • Neurology
  • Midwifery
  • Psychiatry
  • Gynaecology

For specialists interested in providing services from Medplus, please contact us.

LGBTQ+ Health & Wellness

For us, everyone really does include every person and identity. Our team has extensive experience with the needs of the LGBTQ+ community and are here to support you and all your healthcare needs.

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Women’s Health Related Resources


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Enrol with us

Please contact reception if you wish to enrol.

Please contact reception to enrol with Medplus

What our patients say

I have been a patient here since they opened in 2011. I have always had excellent care and attention and always feel they go the extra mile for me. The receptionists are very friendly and helpful.  It's great to be able to park on site and to have the pharmacy, radiology and physio all in one place. The opening hours are much longer than elsewhere . I love their patient portal which I can use to look at my results, book appointments and read my GPs notes.

—Google Review