Medical Assistants at Medplus

January 7, 2022

Medical Assistants at Medplus

Our friendly Medical Assistants are a highly valued and vital part of our Medplus team, and we wanted to introduce you to them and explain how they can help you.

In the photo, you will see, from left to right, Jao, Rita and Emma. They work both upstairs at Medplus Lake Road and from home. Joh has recently left the Medical Assistant team to become the Reception Team Leader, and we welcome Emma as her replacement.

Our Medical Assistants work to help our clinicians with their administrative tasks, and we could not function without them. They are the intermediary you will often encounter, making calls on behalf of our clinical staff, answering patient questions, organising tests and reviews, and reminding you of smears, mammograms, vaccinations, skin checks and well man checks. If you do not order your repeat prescription on the portal it is the Medical Assistants who help you on the phone.

Often, they will start their day with 150 or more calls, most often taking them live, but when they are busy the calls go to the answer phone. To help them please always make sure you clearly state your full name, telephone number (if leaving a message) and date of birth so they can correctly identify you and help you with your inquiries.

Our clinical staff can not take calls whilst they are working unless you have booked a phone appointment. The Medical Assistants can often answer your questions or come up with a solution for you. Our Medical Assistants undergo training to ensure they can help you in the best possible and safest way.


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