The crisis in health care continues

July 7, 2022

Those of you following our Facebook page will know that there is a massive crisis in healthcare. Toni Street is right! The health service is also being crippled by winter illnesses that we have not had to deal with for some time.

If you or your whanau are unwell think carefully as to whether they really do need an urgent appointment.

If a child has a snotty nose and cough/ cold symptoms the red flags will be a fever that you can not control, not being able to keep fluids down, not passing any urine over a 3-hour period, and being really flat and lethargic. Usually, it is a good sign if they are eating or playful. Almost every child has a snotty nose at the moment and cold symptoms that persist. It does not mean that something is inherently wrong if they have had a bad run, it probably is more related to the borders being open and a raft of new viruses entering the country that we do not have immunity to. Remember viruses do not benefit from antibiotics. Green snot is also not a bad sign, it is still likely viral, despite that popular urban myth.

RAT test anyone with symptoms and stay at home till you are better. More people have other viruses than COVID at the moment but still, check to be sure. Do not take any coughs and colds to school or daycare.

If you are worried call, but please remember there is nothing we can do for most coughs and colds. Do get your COVID booster if applicable, and please consider a flu vaccination this winter. We highly recommend as much protection as you can get.


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